“To the man who loves art for its own sake, it is frequently in its least important and lowliest manifestations that the keenest pleasure is to be derived.”    - (Arthur Conan Doyle)

Another Quote: “Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird: that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”   - (Charles Mingus)

I have chosen works where I have used a “merely by chance” working approach. The incidental thinking with the incidental manner in style, and the haphazard placement of marks is interesting to me when I decide to draw and paint.

P1050282- 2 (dragged).jpg

History:  I was born in Suffern, New York in 1957. My father worked for the American Brake Shoe Co. at the time and then moved to Cambridge MA in 1962 where he worked as an engineer for Polaroid for the next 20 years.

In Cambridge, with my two younger sisters Cindy and Patricia we settled into Inman Square, school, sports, art, and music. The overall philosophy around the house was that I was always someplace doing something until dinner and then sometimes after dinner I would get on the train to go to a drawing class, or a trumpet lesson or get a ride to hockey practice.  Piano lessons and drum lessons were also a part of growing up along with the church choir, school plays, and piano recitals.

My Dad was always at work where he analyzed the effects of heat on the materials used in the Polaroid cameras and films. Most evenings you could find him working at his desk smoking his pipe or down in the basement with an ongoing project. My Mom also worked in the basement on her copper enameling while we were at school. She exhibited at fairs, sold on consignment in the Boston area gift stores, and taught a metals class part time at the Museum School.

After high school I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design where I began my art career.  After three years and struggling with a decision to choose a major, I decided to leave and take a year off.  I then enrolled at Mass College of Art, in fine arts, and graduated in 1983 with an honorable mention in painting.

Today, as an Artist, Visual Arts Teacher, and Special Educator, I continue to exhibit my work and teach in the Boston area schools.

Exhibitions include:

Bromfield Gallery, Boston MA

A Street Framers, Boston MA

Boston Common Coffee Co.

Atomic Bean Café, Cambridge MA

Dragonfly Gallery, Martha’s Vinyard

Attleboro Contemporary Art Museum

Baak Gallery, Cambridge MA

Wakefield Art Gallery

Waltham Artist Assoc. (open studios)

Somerville Art Assoc. (open studios)

Charlestown Studios   (open studios)

Cambridge Art Assoc.